Trains and Lovers
by Alexander McCall Smith
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The book is a journey for each of us to understand love, understand our feelings. Life is long, but we only hold one hand, so we will wait patiently for that person. We don't want to wallow in too much affection temporarily, we don't want to rely on an outrageous love. So, as long as we wait, we will definitely wait for that person... We usually pay attention to the small actions, pay attention to everyone's feelings. Because we were afraid I was wrong because we were afraid that they were unhappy, we unconsciously collected myself, as long as they raised their eyebrows, we would cower and listen carefully to every word because we were afraid they would be hurt by the action. or my words. We also have a childish, angry, or arbitrary side but we have never shown it out. If we got angry, we would quietly leave. If arbitrary, we will try to restrain ourselves. Because we just want to be angry with someone who deserves to rely on, because that person will be willing to comfort us. We will spontaneously with the person we trust because we know, he or she will tolerate my childish whim. So, we still wait for him/her to come and no matter what happens, still tell us: Will always be with you. So we still waited for that person to appear, treat us sincerely and tolerant so that beside him/her, we would be happy to be ourselves. That person will tell us: I love myself. Many people want to stay, but you and me just want to leave the luxurious city wearing a fake smile we want to live with ourselves, all of you do not want to pretend to be arrogant when sometimes we just want to cry over our face.