The Mating Game: Why Men Want Sex & Women Need Love
by Allan Pease, Barbara Pease
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The book provides information that when the desire arises, the part of the brain that governs morality is overshadowed, which makes it easier to work badly. Men often commit adultery often, such as drinking, or being invited. And adultery women often lack love or respect from their husbands, and often have an affair plan, about a year after the breakup. In short, men must avoid circumstances that can cause adultery, if not falling into it, then the hormones rise very difficult to escape. Men have strong male hormones, which leads to a much higher libido than women. Women with more oxytocin lead to more passionate love and longer excitement. When love begins, in a similar period, the brain is like the brain of a neurotic person or an addict, brain regions and neural chemicals are identical. So crazy because love is that standard. Women need to care for, care for, say their love words daily in a variety of ways, support housework, keep flirting like they just love and need more time to cuddle. Men need to focus on earning money, health, and faithful sisters and support. Men are very clear that sex is sex, and love is love. Women cannot believe that men can sleep with a strange girl, dislike because women can only do so when they have feelings for the other. Sex, family care, love, is the most important thing in the eyes of the wife, or respect for privacy. Basically, most sex drive will be the first lead. Therefore, men flirting with her would often be because of this initiative. The book makes not entirely new conclusions, it helps me open my mind more but not the kind of awakening. In general, the book summarizes a lot of knowledge, so there are many things you probably already know. The book is mainly about the physiological differences between men and women. Revolves around the physiological differences that lead to the way men and women behave when they have emotional, sexual, love, adultery issues - different and interesting perspectives.