Review sách The Love List: A Guide to Getting Who You Want

Trần Thông đã review

The book makes us think about the way we live and love each day. The words of the book are like a reference to our own boring life. In the morning, I go home from work, I'm busy all day, busy and busy with lots of work. We never think of love stories, we never think of romantic dates like girls and boys out there. All-day long we just plunge into work. Even myself, I never groomed him more beautiful. Living with such loneliness, as explained by the book, is like we can do what we like, want to go to the scenic places of the country. If you want free time, you will go shopping and chatting with friends. I don't want to think about marriage matters. The more lonely, the more we like it. Not to think, calculate the story of the family. It also never makes our minds more tired, skeptical. Every day, all the time like that. We are only accustomed to living alone and quietly alone with four corners of the wall. But sometimes in my mind, I think so maybe it's better. Many young couples fall in love and then argue, then break up, and then make both of them miserable. Then many couples get married, then give birth to their children, but suddenly for some reason, they say that they don't get together, leaving the child alone with no father or no mother. In fact, each person's heart is still burning with hope. Hopefully one day I'll be loved once and for all. We hope that someone will pray with me to patch up the hurt, for us to be all gentle in the world. Hope will exist eyes forever in one direction, a smile dispel the moisture remaining deep after days of cold. Thinking of those scenes, both I and my friend were naturally terrified, afraid that we were in the same situation as people.