The Killing Hour
by Lisa Gardner
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The author has a very interesting way of opening the story, which makes me completely overwhelmed by the context of the story and the circumstances taking place. The circumstances keep rotating constantly making the reader extremely focused to be able to capture them all. This attraction, not every detective writer can do right from the beginning of the story. The first chapters were completely interesting to me and wanted to read through the entire book to find out the end of this pitiful and psychologically colored story. Things just come and go quickly, and the drama is getting stronger and stronger. Past and present are intertwined and one can see logic through the timeline of the book. A series of murders occur in the context of the story, the rolling corpses, every clue of the police leads to the main character. The hunt for the perpetrator is increasingly intense through each chapter. The style is clear, coherent, the rhythm of the story is faster, suitable for the detective genre. The plot is built closely, appealing to readers. For me personally, the point of this book is that the inner details have lessened, giving way to the details, hunting techniques of the police. Surely after reading you will want to turn to the first page and read again. With her talent, the drama is always pushed up, readers can feel the breath of the case. Interspersed but the new episode of the case is the story of the past of the main characters. This further stimulates the curiosity of the reader. All will be revealed through each chapter. Each passing chapter is more of a surprise for me. The writing style is easy to read and understand. I was impressed with the way the main character put himself into the perpetrator to deduce his next move.