Review sách The Everything Homeschooling Book: All you need to create the best curriculum and learning environment for your child

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Homeschooling is a model of teaching children to study at home instead of going to educational institutions to study. This method is considered as the educational trend of the new era and has been popular in developed countries such as the United States, France, England, etc. This article will not analyze whether or not to apply the model. This study in Vietnam or not only focuses on analyzing the reasons leading to the decision to apply this model to the children of mothers.

The first reason is probably that they want their beloved children to receive an advanced, higher quality education than the current mass education. It can be seen that, at the present time, when the percentage of students at all levels from primary to high school is increasing each year, the state budget spending on public schools still seems to be inadequate. demand for teaching and facilities, leading to poor quality education. Therefore, many parents nowadays have a desire for their children to study at home. Studying at home helps parents have more control over what their children are learning. Many parents always have a strong belief that the public school curriculum does not provide the right knowledge and skills for children. Based on a recent US survey on Career and University issues, less than half of high school students feel ready for college. Other surveys have shown that university professors believe that students are less prepared for college work. The number of university professors who believe that students who are prepared for higher education have decreased from 28% to 14% in the last 10 years. Therefore, it can be realized that regardless of the country, the study at the current educational institutions is no longer the interest or goal of the students anymore. Even higher education is no longer the only way for them to develop their future careers. With the classrooms being crowded and lacking in facilities, it is difficult for teachers to give step by step instructions to students. On the other hand, with home learning, parents can use the curriculum approved by the competent authority and at the same time hire home tutors to guide their children's learning process in detail. based on that censored program. Parents can also tutor their children to practice additional lessons. And they can consider the amount of time needed for each subject to make sure the child is learning the right path and mastering the lessons in the course. At the same time, children who study at home tend to score higher on standardized tests. According to research by Brian Ray (from The National Home Education Research Institute), children who are educated at home often score 15 to 30 percentage points higher than public school students on the achievement test. standard.

The second reason is probably to avoid a negative school environment. Currently, school violence is a problem and concern for many parents. They are always bewildered whether their child is being bullied or beaten at a school board because most of the time when their child is beaten at school parents cannot know. Teachers at school often ignore cases such as teasing, using vulgar language that hurts spirits, stealing food, etc. in the classroom and so, children who are often bullied will suffer. many who dare not tell their parents. Gradually over time, the sufferings build-up and the bullying that the children suffer each time get worse, leading to a series of problems in children such as low scores, loss of self-esteem, insomnia, depression feel and even commit suicide, etc. Therefore, Homeschooling becomes a solution for many children because it eliminates bullying at school, children do not have to be exposed to the violent acts of their friends. Moreover, socialization concerns are often lessened, because parents can eliminate bullies from their children, and recreate new social experiences for their children if they suffer from psychological illness. They also better control the positive relationships their children have and can encourage those relationships even more.