The Book of Love and Creation
by Paul Selig
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The book is like a love song, melted late at night in the moonlight. With the night lights awake boulevard sad, the raging rain washed away the sultry summer months. While the door is locked to hold vague memories, space does not seem to be a place for storing the items we have lost. Bare feet were lost enough to see the unstable, instable enough to realize that support was needed for his life. Time is the essence of reality, it allows us to evolve and robs dreams too. And as time started to show that promises were as sweet as candy candies-it turned out they were merely impostors wearing magical scarves, some joking, some resenting, some regretting. There are aspects that are incredibly difficult to comprehend, but the difference can be rooted in just those that have held on to something deep in the past, ever yearned for. Through, we unintentionally become accustomed to the loss of someone, anyone, though everything remains intact deep down. Know it doesn't stop and they can run off, forget it, it is the fresh emotion that makes people feel insecure and tormented! When only memories, nostalgia, and recollection are like aluminum and plastic, you place in a corner what's old and no longer wanted. It is more than a lifetime mess. People love it most, and stranger than a stranger as well. If people just say what they like, they know that they are not able to deny things that are deep down. The city is already long with a lot of intersections, cars are moving up and I am turning right. Because the day is not smooth, I have never learned how to forget all the lovely and nostalgic tumors, just years of ignorance without leaving anyone, only pushing people to slowly forget. When the days are barren the distinction is not nostalgia, but unknown memories.