The Book of Embraces
by Eduardo Galeano
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The book has a cover that is not very interesting as well as a bland title but the content is strangely interesting. Things that have passed away appear to be the same as before and we are forced to contemplate through the details mentioned by the book. Obviously we do not persist in holding on to anything. We still live strong in this city full of memories without tears. We did not expect to see him again whether it was an appointment or accidentally on the street. This predestined relationship we have determined with ourselves that it is truly over. Yet there are days when we feel extremely helpless. We try to hide all emotions deep in the heart. Delete all things related to the past. In those years, we silently hid the pain deep in the heart. The pride of the traitor does not give himself the right to weakness. We walk through the stormy days with a calm face and a cold heart. Belief, when it was broken into pieces, trying to pick up and patch it up, could not be intact. We think we will love him and melt into nothingness. Eyes still look straight every time through the old road. The reason will be dismissed immediately if he accidentally recalls his past. Only dreams we cannot control. At this moment, we seem to be standing in the middle of a road with many turns, disoriented, and find ourselves very small and alone. We vaguely realize that emotions are not easy to predict, like threads that can confuse our hearts at any time, one way or another. Sometimes nostalgia follows the little things sneaking around, like a cup of coffee on a rainy day. The days of a calm sea, inherently waves are rolling offshore. Just like every wave of the heart is capturing my thoughts after a peaceful lake-like appearance. Nostalgia is always haunting, like a heavy weighted soft rock. If not skillfully put down, it will inadvertently hurt himself/herself.