Love: The Supreme Gift
by Henry Drummond
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The book helps us understand if all the results are against your will, believe that God has a different arrangement for you. Can buy what you want, to where you dream, become yourself perfect. And at least dreaming as a teenager will not be meaningless, when I came along I tried incessantly. He left me, which did not need me to wait. If they want to stay, there is definitely a way to stay. If they wanted to go, then hundreds of thousands of plans could not hold. After all, they just came to leave, so I don't need to wait to be disappointed. My betrayer no longer treasured me. If so, don't wait for them to change, don't wait for them to return. If they want to be forgiven, they won't let themselves wait. Also do not think just forgive them will return. Waiting for your traitor is the most useless. Recently, I've only asked myself for one last thing, why am I so sad. I watched the night darken and hear the white branches of silence, then turned around thinking that it was still warm and hoping to touch the sound of the piano. The book helps us to think that the love we paint is a fading flower petal, lonely ocean overflowing over the deep shoulders and then our happiness is that the ship is wrecked with the signal for help disappear. Why do people have to wait until the person they love to go far or cruelly is no longer in the world to think again that if they can talk, listen more probably will keep that person is next to him. Whenever he experienced the feeling that he met someone who always appeared in his mind every day, all of a sudden his eyes searched for every corner and still couldn't see him.