Living a Life of Awareness
by don Miguel Ruiz Jr.
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This book's universal philosophy is to live life to the fullest, without remorse about past mistakes. If you're afraid your degree would take four years to get time to finish, or if you're afraid of doing a job you want but aren't used to, that's understandable of course. You want the "stability," you have a morning job to go home, you get paid at the end of the month, not frightened of hunger or no money to pay for space, ... But are you, you suppose, very stable? Are you all right to do the job you don't like day by day, to talk about your being too timid, don't even dare to want to live for your dreams once? Would you think it is all right? But do you really live life like yourself? You live someone else's life, you live the life that your parents wanted you to live this way. I myself had hoped my option would be right. But how can we be sure that when we're not walking yet it'll be the right way? There are so many things in this universe that can't be decided because if we don't try, we won't know whether it's right or wrong, success or failure. Yet life gives us not enough time to seek out all the ways. To choose that, to choose that, to choose is to lose, the fact is that in all situations we must learn to adapt. Hence we can pick just a handful, so do your hardest for those options. It's against the idea of your parents if you like a job but it's against your major. I always wish you the courage to pursue your dreams, your parents' resistance always stems from your immaturity and immatureness. Set goals and devote energy and passion to achieving it, plan the tools, the means, the expertise, and the determination to achieve the goal. Nothing is impossible when passion and confidence are high enough. All we later regret is not what we did but the things we haven't done yet.