Review sách I Love You But I Don't Trust You: The Complete Guide to Restoring Trust in Your Relationship

Trần Thông đã review

This book helps us understand the nature of love and how to build trust with each other, especially when the breakdown of faith leads to the breakdown of many love. Love develops in very strange ways, initially as acrid in the tip of the tongue, in the middle as sweet in the throat and ending in poetic, multi-colored mixes of poetics. Sometimes it is impossible to distinguish between what is real and what is false in this very miserable life. Time still keeps flowing. Still life footage. The past has been far away, the present is gradually losing, the future is still shrouded in shadow. The old friends were gone, the old scenes have now changed to make way for the flourishing streets of the city but lack of love. If the distance of love is one thousand steps, one person only needs to take one step, the opponent will walk the remaining nine hundred and ninety-nine steps. The old barbed wire fence is permanently gone, the heart is still beating but the eyes are tired. Life forces us to live fully with the years filled with bloody streaks of blood, we pursed our lips because life was not enough to bind us to the swamp of fear and darkness. Everything continues, all changes, people must at one time also vanish, leaving only the universe empty is infinity. Memories thought deep sleep in this subconscious awakened. Clockwise still ticking, ticking, heavily gnawing the time in the swirling rotation, carrying much innocence, immature childhood poetry; how much sorrow, joy; how many dreams, aspirations; and quietly, bringing along a lifetime. I always earnestly love, be loved for a barren heart with moments of contentment. We earnestly wait with the empty heart of hope with the hope that the people will accept for the carpool to transfer the long-lost memories, miserable for whom. Life binds us to the painful parting, we run away with the marks on my back.