Here Is Where We Meet
by John Berger
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The book reminds me of old memories or just a small, broken love affair. The eyes of a person who is determined do not worry, and just catch those glimpses, we think that the whole summer sky, the desire, and desire are burning in one person, burning unbroken like phoenix flowers change colors. It turned out, that is the youth, the youth of a person is the years of dreaming ambition, is the cluster of pure grapefruit flowers fragrant in the hair, is the look of life full of clarity and love. Our heart skips a beat, remembering, loving, hurting, pitying at the same time. The figure is like white petals, fragile, pure, but as long as we touch it, the flower will fade and fall off like never before. An old piece of music, a cup of coffee, a puff of smoke, they unintentionally take us back to the old memory domain, to the blue age dreams that everyone thought had faded from. It all resounds in us, as clear as our childhood as if it were just yesterday. Every passing frame, every line of people hurriedly, unconsciously we encounter the silhouette of a person, caught the blue eyes like leaves on the porch of the early summer, caught the flying hair on the village road rugged every afternoon after school. We think back to those unimaginable years and how strange it is to regain our hearts as if there is a spring breeze with the sweet scent of flowers that draws to wash away the horizontal, melancholy half-lives of people. The wind carries nostalgia, striving to bring their minds to the side of a person, to the side of the deep pain in their hearts. I love this book because it gives me old memories and the details in the book are so beautiful and poetic.