Review sách Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples

Trần Thông đã review

The book makes us think a lot about love, especially those who have been disappointed in love. And the way the book guides us through is to think about them. People on the roads, people in the shops, offices, schools, ... where there are people. Only my heart is empty. The place is still empty but no one is staying. I reproach no one loves me. Blaming the people who used to go there stole the feeling in us. Dazed and sighed. Although later on though landslides, it was not open to meet anyone like him. The city is still the city, he is still that person. Only we, whether we go or stay, we are alone. But still obstinate. I leave or stay because it's there. The two of us are born each other's destiny and vow to live and die together. Yet when the separation, the most reason to leave is that we are not compatible. The person we first met and the people who we were together with were still them. They are still the same, I am still. Separation or attachment is still up to us. But still stubbornly blamed. We leave or stay because people fit or not with us. Sometimes we stay in a city because there's one person there. Sometimes we flee from a city because there is a person there. Sometimes we love a person and decide to stick because we think that person is right for us. After all, are we pitiful or hateful? We erase our joy and hang the poster so no one can love me in my heart. An unfinished love story, it is not necessary to make me my life unfinished. In this world, people love each other and then parted so rife. I lock the door, they lock the door. We locked ourselves in the depths of loneliness that no one knows. When we fall in love, we will become a couple now.