Review sách Energy Speaks: Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving, and Awakening

Trần Thông đã review

The phrases in the book are really phrases of inspiration. Let's make a living like a cactus. Living in the desert and always looking to the sky, no water was needed. If you can do those good things, the things that are happening every day and every hour in life, then maybe we will grow up. We are going to lose a lot of stuff in that process. Not only in ourselves, but we do have family, friends, colleagues, the people we live, study, and work. Growing up is much more sense because we have the people we have with us. This is the lake duck. Looking at the water's surface is quiet but deep under the water's surface is a flow of swimming waves, going forward. Through that scenario, each of us, too, grows up at such a humid age. Let us carry on going forward. Tomorrow is still a steadfast belief, a better future than today. Tomorrow will see the morning sun, the birds will sing, children will laugh, there will be stupid jokes ... So those days are important, so happy and grateful that I and you are doing your best. The cycle of thinking about it, growing up is very difficult! We are going to meet the people from the universe on that invisible path. Such people will be mates of ours, parents, sisters ... Or even a later mate of ours. We still believe, and hope, that tomorrow will not end. And there are people who only come to us with a stop, then they keep on looking for their life intent. This may not be your own way of doing things but you can close the gap by investing in human love for men. Living is loving, caring, and truly letting us grow. Please enjoy the moments you have in the present.