A Little Book of Happiness
by Ruskin Bond
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Happiness is not only about love but also the wonderful emotions that we experience in sincere love, as the way this book proves to us that even pain is an aftertaste of happiness. We always remember our beautiful love gently but deeply, sometimes arguing, but honestly. We love someone with both love and trust. We used to believe that after this life, I will always be with you, happily and happily, together. But in the end, the poor stay behind ourselves because someone has broken our curse and someone has run after the vanity of society leaving us blankly thinking of our future. We each warmly love each other, sincerely love each other with promises. The foolishness in love is the result of an adulteress. Someone told us about the future, told us about the virtues of the latter, but eventually, we became alone in vain. Perhaps the void of our hearts only gives way to someone else, no one else can take that position. Perhaps later, someone will be more sincere, but someone has become a special category that we can never leave and forget. Perhaps the book helps us understand that happiness also simply gives itself the opportunity to be loved and loved again. Take the happiness for yourself because if someone has ever cruelly abandoned us then let that person see himself or herself that each person can be strong and move on. Because people have deep feelings, but it is impossible for someone to bury their youth and their own desires. Love yourself, giving those who deserve more than opportunities to create true happiness for the hurt and lonely souls. Believing that this book will help you understand that and soon, you will be able to smile at yourself again, confidently striving to find happiness near you to tell the world that I happy for the small and simple things around. Please try one more time.