The Magic Of Reality: How We Know What's Really True
by Richard Dawkins, Dave McKean
1 reviews
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Review sách The Magic Of Reality: How We Know What's Really True

Tran Huu Hiep đã review
The Magic of Reality is an ingenious book that explains many phenomena through the reality - science. In every chapters, the author introduces some myths before he gives the scientific explanations for every phenomena. Almost knowledge in this book might be general, I suppose that a high school student learns them, however, Richard Dawkin elucidated the reality in another way that is so clever and attractive. Generally, the book helps us to open mind with many interesting knowledge such as the evolution, cosmos, physics, biology... I can't answer properly what I gained after reading this book. However, personally I learn some beneficial lessons, for an example, we shouldn't ask "what did the bad things happen to me?" because the things (bad or good) still happen without mind, feeling about us. (You could understand this clearly if you read the chapter 11 of the book). Additionally, I also learn about many things about cosmic and extraterrestrial life (if that exists) My initial purpose of reading this book is that I want to improve my English. But finally I learn more than I expected. I love the name of this book "The magic of reality" - the real world is very magical if we understood it, the myths are funny but they couldn't help us to understand the nature