Silas Marner (Collins Classics)
by George Eliot
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Silas Marner by G. Eliot ( Collins Classics )

Although this book is only 200 page long, it reads like a 600 page book. I wanted to read something by G. Eliot - supposedly one of the greatest female writers ever lived of English literature. I thought I would start by reading something small since Middlemarch is a Mammoth-side book and seems quite dauting, so I picked this up. Little did I know that it was a bad idea ! The boredom ! Oh, The boredom ! I'm glad that this book is small, because this will never sustain more than 200 pages. I really think that it was these kinds of novels that gave Victorian literature a bad wrap. Would I recommend this book ? No ! Especially to those who have never read Eliot before, I think it would be a disappointing experience. But, to those who have read some G. Eliot before... also no !