Seven Hanged
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The seven who were hanged (Seven hanged) - Leonid Andreyev or 7 shades of death - a brilliant novella dedicated to Lev Tolstoy.

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"He willed his head to turn, and it did turn. And this... this thing that somehow seemed rather frightening... this was him, Sergey Golovin, and this is what would cease to be.

And everything had become unreal."

"'No. You think that is me, but it isn't. I'm the person you are talking to. How could I be THAT?'

'No, but you are going to die, and THAT's what you'll become.'

'No. I'm not going to die.'

'You're going to be executed. Look, there's the noose.'

'I'm going to be executed, but I shan't die. How can I die when I'm already immortal, here and now?'"

Đánh giá chung : 4 / 5 - Lời văn thôi cũng đủ chết người