Ice Mark Kane Mysteries Book two
by John Hemmings
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Review sách Ice Mark Kane Mysteries Book two

Thanh Ngân đã review

Jenny ( unwittingly used to smuggle illicit drugs into the country) got her bag snatched at the airport and then got kidnapped and Grayson and Arnel ( drug traffickers) were killed. However, thanks to the cleverness of the investigator ( or simply known as a detective like Sherlock Homes) called Kane and his companions, especially Lucy, everything was puzzled out. "The drugs won't get on the streets and ruin a lot of people's lives, the bar's been closed, and the culprits will all go the prison".

I am extremely interested in this book, it is definitely listed into the must-read for ones who love thrilling type. The plot is perfect, the episodes are linked together remarkably. I cannot figure out the result beforehand, all things come as a surprise to me. Despite being wriiten in English, it is easy to read and indulge in it.

Once again, if thrilling detective book is your cup of tea, you should give it a try, it is worth reading.