Review sách Oxford Bookworms Library: Information Technology: 1000 Headwords

Ngân Kim đã review
Just a thin book but it gets through almost all the main developments in computing, from the ancient abacus to the small and powerful computer which you can put it in your pocket or wear it like a wrist watch. It also contains the stories of those who were successful or even jailed due to the dissemination of the Internet. My favorite quote: "It is really difficult to make predictions about the future of computing: the future is often closer than you think it is. It is true! 50 years ago (before the Internet was born) even the most optimistic person could not affirm that just half a century later, computers would be so popular and totally change the world. Now, I can say computer is an indispensable part of human's life, at least to me. Hardly a day go by without me using my computer, haha ^^ (From my review on Goodreads)