Bài Giảng Cuối Cùng
by Randy Pausch - Jeffrey Zaslow
2 reviews
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Ngân Kim đã review

To be honest, I completed this book for the first time after eight-year buying it. Such a ridiculous me and a huge wasting. For all those years, I hadn't realized that it is a really really amazing and inspirational book though my literature teacher recommended this book for me.

Randy Pausch definately succeeded in supporting his children to figure out how their father was! They could know a lot of stuffs about dad's life such as what his childhood's dreams, how he did it, how he and his wife fell in love and got through all struggles. Personally, I can see in this book an enthusiastic scientist, a dedicated professor, a responsible husband and a loving dad. Like other dad in the world, he loved his children very much, and wanted to share with them all the experience when they were growing up, but he got no time unfortunately. I especially love the story about Randy and his nephews or nieces (don't remember for sure!). Randy asked them to take time and play with his children just like he did for them. Very touching, it liked a compensation for having no dad. He hoped that his children wouldn’t be lonely because they always had a bunch of people loved and cared them. Actually, I even love my dad more after reading this book. It seems that I know a little bit about my dad’s heart which he never exposes to me, except when he gets drunk.

On top of all that, I really respect and admire the positive attitude toward pancreas cancer of Randy. I couldn’t do that well if I were him. I wish his family best wishes, as well as a peaceful and healthy life.

(From my review in Goodreads)

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