Xúc Tác Hoàn Hảo
by Simone Elkeles
1 reviews

Review sách Xúc Tác Hoàn Hảo

I came across this book on the internet and decided to bought it because of the title. I was glad that this book was my right choice.

Although some parts are cliche and stereotypical, other parts are cheesy and unrealistic... this story melts my heart out. I always fall in love with star-crossed love books which have 2 people from “different sides of the track” and they are attracted to each other. Good girls are often drawn to bad guys in a romantic movie, right? This reminds me of a famous film in Thailand with a similar plot , which is my all time favourite : Once upon a time.

Another thing I like about this book is that the pace is not rush, you can see the character development as well as the flow of the story. You can feel the pain they endure deep down, which is opposite to what they pretend on the surface. I love the way Brittany take care about her cerebral palsy sister. I understand why she has to put up a perfect facade. People think she and Collins are a golden couple, but they are wrong. He just wants her to hook up with him instead of putting him on her shoes and sharing ups and downs. In contrast, Alex is thoughtful and understanding. He is willing to play X/O with Shelley.

I feel emotionally connected to them. "We’re actors in our lives.". They lead lives enshrouded by lies. Therefore, I jumped for joy when Britt plucked up her courage to dump Collins and followed her heart despite other's judgement. Luckily, after all difficulties, they ended up getting back together.

This book is definitely for me. So sweet <3