Ruby Red
by Kerstin Gier
1 reviews

Review sách Ruby Red

I love all books that give me a classic sort of feeling, and Ruby Red is not an exception. I stumbled on this book without knowing the plot or expecting it would be a cliff-hanger, but it grabbed my attention at the first chapters. It was always expected that Charlotte would be the one with the time-travel gene. Charlotte had been training for all her life and waited to become a time-traveller and fulfilled her duties. Unexpectedly, Gwendolyn turned out to be the chosen. She was flawed and ordinary, unlike her cousin - Charlotte; she was clumsy and she knew nothing about etiquette, fencing... However, that's why Gwen had a lot of ground to make up. She had lots of things to learn and I was looking forward for her character development.

The storytelling is fluid and entertaining. I watched the 1st movie after reading this book, and I was lost in it. Kerstin kept the readers moving along, forward and backward in time, and ending with a revelation and a cliffhanger.

The reason why I rate it 3 out of 5 is that it is predictable that Gwen and Gideon will end up together, after all difficulties and obstacles.