Rạp Xiếc Đêm
by Erin Morgenstern
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Review sách Rạp Xiếc Đêm

I tend to rate this book 4 stars, but the cover is beautiful, so i rate it 5 out of 5.

I have to admit that reading this book is a rewarding experience. Although some people said that the pace of it is quite slow, I think only by go-into-detail writing style can people imagine the world in the circus and things revolve around it.

I was impressed by Celia more than Marco, although his magic seemed more interesting to me. Celia has a strong character. She is not a kind of person who is naive and can easily be deceived by charm or tricks. The way she stabbed her hand with a knife unhesitatingly, or laughing in the rain when she realized that Marco was her opponent, and determined to leave him alone and fulfilled her mission although she loved him. Besides that, sometimes she showed her soft side, and I treasured it. By contrast, at first, Marco seemed to be a calm and cold person, but since he met Celia, he became weaker and indecisive.

Like everyone, I don't like Celia's father. He didn't treat his daughter as she deserved to be treated. He hurt her and then let Celia healed the wounds by herself. He let the bird die although Celia insisted him on saving it. He didn't care about her as a father, he just wanted to know the result of the match and overly take control of her life. He treated her like his useful tool to win and prove that he is the more talented magician between 2 magicians.

The thing that i like about this book is that it is unpredictable. At some point I think some details are redundant, such as the appearance of Bailey and the twins, but how wonderful they come together at the end, come to a tee. The romance between Celia and Marco is not the main topic throughout this book, but i think their chemistry is strong enough. It is undeniable that they are born to be other's perfect match. Although some people feel pity for Isobella, and i'm not an exception; I've never felt like the relationship between Marco and her is sth that could be developed. He didn't treat her as a lover, just remember it. However, if this book is put into the real life, I achingly feel sad for Isobella. At some point in life, you meet a person and believe that he is your fate, but in fact, he doesn't think the same. I appreaciate that she didn't take revenge on Celia, although i know that she couldn't harm Celia, just a little bit.

I read this book continuously for nearly 6 hours. This was such a long time since I read Twilight that I couldn't put a book down. I immersed myself in a wonderful and vivid world that I didn't want to leave it. Since the book was nearly sold out in my country, luckily I found one. I wish that I knew it sooner

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