by Sara Crossan
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Review sách One

I don't often read verse novels, because I think that they don't work out on me. However, I decided to give this book a try. Luckily, I was totally absorbed by the story and the writing.

This book could tug at your heartstrings and make you think in a different way. Conjoined twins was always a tragedy. They failed to lead a normal life. They had to go through lots of checkups. They couldn't love. When they left their sheltered homeschooled world and stepped outside their comfort zone, most of people would gawk at them and gave them a cool reception. If I were in their shoes, I couldn't know how to fit into a new surrounding. The book explored their connection and the difficulties they faced in terms of judgement, lack of privacy, difficult financial situation, family and of course sister bond.

You should read it and feel it yourself. This book was such an unique reading experience. It reminded me of The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender and Why we broke up thanks to its beautiful writing style.

"She’s not a piece of me.

She’s me entirely

and without her

there would be

a gaping space

in my chest,

an expanding black hole

that nothing

else could


"Tippi is gone

I howl and I scream.

I ache for my sister.

‘Tippi,’ I whisper into the darkness.

About the open ending, I thought it was is ok and realistic. This story opened with a tragedy and ended with an epitah. It gave the book something to remember. Grace was alive after the operation at the expense of her sister's death. We would never know how Grace dealed with Tippi's death in the future and how she led her life after that.