Never Never
by Colleen HooverTarryn Fisher
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The books are short reads, about 150 pages a piece. They can be merged into one full-length novel instead of 3 books. I haven't read any works of Colleen Hoover , but I was glad that I stumbled upon this series. I read it in one sitting and I was surprised that it kept me entertained since I was hesitant to read long book and mystery was not my favourite genres.

Never Never follows two high school students through a journey of self re-discovery. Since they can't trust and confide in anyone, they have to lean on each other through thick and thin and try to piece together clues about their life and their relationship to figure out who they are and what've happened to them.

This series has lots of tension, cliffhangers and dramatic and heart-breaking parts.

"You aren’t seeing Brian because you like him. You aren’t seeing him behind my back to get revenge on me. The only reason you’re with him is because you’re trying to punish yourself. And you accepted my lie, because if you broke up with me, it would relieve you of your guilt."

"I’ll never love anyone like I love you. And if the worst is to ever happen and we do grow apart, I’ll never regret this tattoo. You’ve been a huge part of my life for the sixteen years I’ve been alive, and whether we end up together in the end or not, I want to remember this part of my life. And maybe these tattoos were more of a commemorative thing than an assumption that we’ll spend the rest of our lives together. Either way, I’d hope that fifteen years from now, we will look at these tattoos and be grateful for this chapter in our lives, and there won’t be an ounce of regret. Whether we’re together or not."

What I love most about this book is that although Charlie and Silas are wiped all of their memories, but their connection - their love - is unbreakable. It always exist there. This reminds me of Tsubasa Chronicles manga. It's understandable why Charlie pushes Silas away and keeps him at her arm's length. She wants him to forget it all, while he wants her to remember all those things they've been through. However, "Fate is the magnetic pull of our souls toward the people, places, and things we belong with." I hold a belief that lovers can always find a way to end up being together after hardships.

P/s: The only problem I have with this book is Charlie's father. He could have been more well-written than that.