Review sách Emerald Green (The Ruby Red Trilogy)

I watched the 3rd movie before reading this book and saw the reviews, too. It seems to disappoint lots of people because of the simple plot. The plot and scenes are laid out and it is easy to picture the characters acting out the role. It comes as no surprise that who is the real villain. Although there is no rising action or climax in the story, it is an enjoyable chick read. If you don't set high standards for it, you can enjoy it to the fullest.

I was glad that I binge read the series. I dearly love the characters in this series. Gwen and Gideon, both of them are relatable and endearing. Xemerius is adorable and helpful as usual. The prophecy is slowly being unraveled. However, I don't like the twists here. Lucy and Paul are Gwen's biological parents? That could have been better. Although this series is far from perfection, it gives me what I need and I still love it.