Eleanor & Park
by Rainbow Rowell
1 reviews

Review sách Eleanor & Park

I was eager to read this book but after reading it, I had to admit that although this book was highly recommeded by others, it couldn't live up to my expectations.

I can't understand why it can receive goodreads choices award. In comparision with We were liars (GC award 2014) and All the bright places (GC award 2015), it seems inferior.

Lots of time I wanted to drop it, but I decided to read it until the last chapters patiently in search of some enjoyable parts. In fact, this book follow the same pattern of teenage love stories but the type is so old-fashioned: 2 eccentric people are attracted to each other, hand-holding, shy smiles, misunderstanding. There is only 2 points in this love story seems worthy: Park beats Steve because he makes fun of Laurel all the time and he calls her his girlfriend; and when Eleanor realizes that the one that writes sexual things in her book is no one but her stepfather - a scum of the earth, Parks helps her to escape.

When I read All the bright places, I felt that it was beautifully written but I didn't feel the same with Eleanor and Park. This book left no impression on me. Although the cover in Vietnamese is eye-catching and harmonious, it may have just gone way over my head. It's neither heart-warming nor heart-breaking. It's a bit overhyped.