Review sách Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, Book 2)

Cassandara Clare excels at making people want to read to and more. Her book is engrossing and full of unexpected things.

The 2nd book is more grabbing than the first one.

The rest of the characters in the book are quite well developed. Jessamine surprises me with her selfishness and stupidity. How dare she betrays people who have brought her in, because of something she calls true love with the one betrays not only her but also his sister? Nate is really a scum of the earth, the worst brother of all time. Despite all Tessa's efforts to save him, he treats her so bad.

The way Will and James express their love is clearer and more passionate. Their love triangle reminds me of Vampire knight manga, which used to be my all-time favourite. At one point I wonder if she based her characters on the manga since the silver-haired Jem and the contrastingly dark Will are very similar to the protagonists love interests in the manga. A caring, understanding and nice James, contrasts to Will, who seems so closed and often says things that hurt other's feeling. However, he is mean and caustic on the surface but passionate deep down. A tied down and destined relationship that can't be separated. Of course, I don't like Yuuki or Tessa at all, their indecisiveness makes me tired . I don't know why they can kiss a man and kiss another after that and think that they love both of them??? She loves Will more but she also has strong attachment to James. She is torn between them. And they both take her under their wings and are willing to give her all their heart...

Although I hate her, but it can be denied that she is a brave one. I can't wait reading the last book of this series, although I already know which couple is the end game.

Another thing that endears the story to me is the odd couple Charlotte and Henry. Charlotte is a responsible person, she is tied down and overwhelmed with lots of responsibilities. She is so wise for her age. Henry, he seems useless at first since he only cares about his inventions and let his wife take charge of everything. I am glad that at the end they open up to each other and clear up misunderstanding.