To The Lighthouse
by Virginia Woolf
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To the lighthouse by V. Woolf

This has to be one of my favorite books by V. Woolf if not my favorite ( well, i havent read The Waves yet so i guess i'll wait for that ) and I have read a lot from her. Like most of her novels, the most useless thing to do to get someone to read it is to explain the plot. All i can say about it is that it is an absolutely tresure, you'd never expect a book can give you such experience. A book that truly, truly, transcend time. I think this may be a good intro to V. Woolf. If this is your first V. Woolf, the one thing I need to tell yyou is that : don't rush, there's nothing in terms of plot to discover, lay back, have a cup of nice tea and enjoy the words.