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If you're going to spend any time talking with customers, I'd say that this book is pretty much required reading. It goes over how to do this in an effective, and informal manner that just plain makes sense. Many products from startups are solutions in search of a problem, so is it even a surprise that 95%+ fail? The concepts outlined in this book will help you avoid this, and ... đọc tiếp
Cindy Nguyễn review sách này 4
Prof. Pinker points out early in this book that people have a tendency to marshal evidence that confirms their convictions whilst dismissing evidence that contradicts them. I’m as guilty of that as most people, and on the evidence of this book, my own convictions are similar to the author’s. Prof. Pinker’s book largely provides me with reinforcement for my pre-existing opinions... đọc tiếp
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Hate List is one of the intriguing, catchy and compelling books which makes you think deeply about every side of a crime. A criminal is rejected and punished by the society to justify the victims. The question arises when a criminal is a victim of the society. This book deals with the aftermath of a school shooting. Whenever we watch a news channel, we don't realise how deeply ... đọc tiếp
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I have a lot of feelings about this book. Few of them are good, some... aren't so good. I actually knew I wouldn't truly be able to rate it until after I thought about it for a few days, and I'm pretty content with my rating as of now.

There is a lot of hype surrounding this book, that much is obvious. I read it for the Carpe Librum Book Pick of the Month for February. Ov... đọc tiếp
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This is the only Nick Hornby book I've read, and it seemed like a good introduction to the genre I imagine must be called "dick lit." I read it on a plane to the West Coast, and it was the perfect thing: started at take-off, finished just before landing, this had the perfect proportions of light and engaging for 30,000 feet. Ultimately, I found it sort of silly and empty and I ... đọc tiếp