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Using the guiding principle of balance, Working in Groups provides readers with practical strategies, built on theory and research, for communicating and working successfully in groups.  Looking at both how groups work and how to work in groups, this accessible and user-friendly books givesreaders the tools to apply group communication theories, methods, and skillsâ helping them become more effective and ethical group members. Comprehensive, up-to-date coverageincludes traditional topics, from development and climate to leadership and problem solving, as well as key contemporary areas such as â team talk,â communication apprehension, group goal setting, group motivation, critical thinking and argumentation, and listening.

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Isa N Engleberg,Dianna R Wynn
Nhà xuất bản Pearson
Năm phát hành 02-2009
ISBN 9780205658824
Trọng lượng (gr) 794
Kích thước 1.5 x 25.1 x 20.3
Số trang 416
Giá bìa 2,088,000 đ