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The journey is always more important than the outcome, and during that difficult journey, each of us is not alone, behind every woman is always a man willing to join her on that journey. They were besieged in the game but maintained their original purpose of seeking the truth. The book is not only about the sad color of the fate of each person, but you also encounter their funny images as a child. I think that everyone needs care and attention, especially for children who lack a mother's love. Because they are always closed in their own world but do not want to escape, parents should be a bridge, using love and care to guide their children to courageously fight the psychological illness or is physical. Sometimes a mother's blind love leads to tragedies not only for their children but also for those around them because they have interfered too deeply with the lives of their children. Simply in this life, we need to be more tolerant and always put ourselves in the shoes of others. Therefore, reading to the end of a work is not simply an end but it helps us to recognize and improve ourselves more, not to impose and manipulate the lives of others. The book has secretly manipulated your life but also wants to tell you to open your heart, to see the fate of the less fortunate, to make life more beautiful, together overcome difficulties. but fate is destined to reach the sun. They still have a lot of difficulties in life to overcome, it is needs training, intelligence, courage, and strength. The author mentioned the love that everyone has for each other, protecting each other to overcome the harshness. After reading this book, I learned a few lessons for myself. Please read to feel it.

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Tác giả Matt Logelin
Năm phát hành 03-2020