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Todd Duncan's revolutionary approach to selling yourself as well as the product has become an inspiration for tens of thousands of salespeople around the world. In "The Top Ten Mistakes Salespeople Make and How to Avoid Them," he focuses his expertise on the most common and destructive blunders salespeople make and how you can prevent them. Based on thousands of interviews, years of research, and two decades of personal sales experience, this book is specifically designed to help you steer clear of the ten most fatal selling mistakes―like trying to sell before training to sell, making unplanned calls on unknown customers, and selling your product before knowing your customer. Duncan also shows you how to build a life-based business instead of a business-based life, finding that delicate but essential balance between work and home. Packed with Todd Duncan's sought-after sales wisdom and energy, this book will give you the tools to avoid the pitfalls, sharpen your sales skills, and become the best salesperson you can be.

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Todd Duncan
Nhà xuất bản Advantage Quest
ISBN 9780785287803
Trọng lượng (gr) 296
Kích thước 21.6x14
Số trang 228
Giá bìa 288,000 đ