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This is an interesting book and there is a difference from the books I've ever read. Tommy Orange depicts the Native Americans' struggle in Oakland, through the character's complex thinking, anguish, and inner struggle. The author builds characters with a variety of personalities and personalities and creates a connection between them. He records the loss of Native American culture under the influence of colonialism and the invasion of white people on their ancestral lands, while also taking a new approach towards preserving keep these cultural identities. I was totally surprised because there were so many connections between the characters that I didn't recognize before. The book is not heavy or difficult to read, but it needs concentration to keep track of the events and character lines that the author has built. The author imprints on the minds of readers the image of each character through a strong, echoing voice, and that is also one of the things that make the appeal of the work. Every time I read, I still occasionally turn to the previous chapters to read again, afraid to miss something interesting. In general, the good point of the book is that each character carries a story, a unique voice; sometimes it is humor, sometimes despair, when joy, shame or sometimes the desire to find a lost culture. And the context of modern America also makes me more interested in this book because I like American culture. When I finish the book, I hope the book can be a little longer to read because of its appeal. As far as I know, this is the first book of the author but as good as this, the following works will be worth the expectation. Hopefully the author will soon come out with a good book like this one because I really expect to enjoy how to connect the details of the author.

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