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This book is like melodious melodies of love and emotions, reminding us of the old things. One day, someone said they would write a song for their couple, write about the beginning of the meeting, about the first hug, about the awkward kiss, and the passionate love ... more expensive than all the luxuries, we wait, one day you sing me to hear that song. Somehow, over time, we feel lonely, something between us has changed. We love their singing, it is so warm and so gentle. On hot summer days, such songs water our soul, cold winter days, they warmed our hearts with sweet honey lyrics. Each time we close our eyes and sing a song, it feels like our body is floating in the clouds. Spring, summer, autumn, winter passed, after a few seasons the flowers bloomed, we gradually passed the innocent and innocent age, but that song was still incomplete. They said nothing but an apology, sorry for not going with us to the end of the road, sorry for the love song they had left unfinished, they turned his head away and never looked back, leaving me with children broken heart stood in the freezing cold weather... They said that they still felt like something was missing. One freezing winter afternoon, we were walking on a sparse sidewalk, still close to each other, but I felt so remote and lost, both of us silently walking slowly. we feel sad, sad numb very long, very long after, they stopped, used their warm eyes for an hour, and only the melancholy stared at us, and they said farewell calmly. What is it, is it lack of joy, or is it lack of pain, or is it lack of love to make him into lyrics? Farewell, we are nothing but each other, how did they hear the love song we promised? 

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Tác giả Anthony Marra
Năm phát hành 04-2020