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The Squad have been summoned to the deadly and frozen land of the Arctic Circle by the British Prime Minister who has heard of their growing reputation as brilliant young spies. An unknown criminal is trying to hijack a world conference about the precious and much fought-over fuels that lie below the arctic ice. To prevent an international war breaking out, Lily, Lesh, Hatty, Adnan and Kester go undercover to find out who it is and stop them. But the beauty of the icy mountains and deep fjords hide some dangerous secrets and someone will do anything to make sure that the Squad don't discover them...

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Tom Palmer
Nhà xuất bản Puffin
ISBN 9780141337814
Trọng lượng (gr) 1
Kích thước 19.8 x 1.6 x 12.9
Số trang 256
Giá bìa 238,000 đ