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A book that reminds me of thoughts and thoughts about love. We love a person, love ever since I did not know, love from childhood ignorant, love from the time when I first knew the heart. We love a person from summer to winter, we love both rainy and sunny days, we love our eyes and smile, our hair smells of faint flowers. Seeing that person laugh, seeing that person say, our hearts are constantly rising with agitation and inexplicable inexplicably, seeing that person crying, we find our hearts choked with pity. We love a person so much, but we love him so much, we love a foolish man, a love for those who are unworthy, we blame a man who still lingers on the betrayer. But looking back, we also have a lot of different people. Other people look at you and tell us that you are a stupid idiot ... People break promises and people, people don't turn around to look back, people don't bother to care about your empty helplessness anymore. You just live lost in the middle of the stream of life, and people have had the new fun ever self. Why are we so sad because of someone who is not worth it, why don't we turn our heads to look back, to see some lovable guy still following in every step? Hope you keep smiling and always happy, hope your life will not be a little sad. Then one day, we will love the new one, too, so that the treacherous person will drift back to the forgotten land. You may never love me, but I dare not pray for such a great thing. I am willing to see you happy with people, only wish you happy, I am willing to replace you all the pain, just wish not to be in the corner of your eyes. 

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Tác giả David Levithan
Năm phát hành 04-2020