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Đây là 1 tiểu thuyết tiếng Anh của tác giả Tracy Chevalier - đồng tác giả Thiếu nữ đeo hoa tai ngọc trai.

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In late-15th century Paris, a parvenu nobleman commissions a set of tapestries to impress the smirking snobs at court. Jean le Viste rather fancies a blood-stained Battle of Nancy, with his newly acquired coat of arms plastered (downright mendaciously) across the shields and standards of the victors. His blue-blooded wife, Geneviève, on the other hand, prefers gentle unicorns and maidens. That suits the tapestries' designer - Nicholas des Innocents, talented artist and handsome slut - down to the ground. He also loves the ladies, and in the myth of the unicorn he sees not white untainted innocence but the chase and the embrace by lascivious virgins of its rampant horn.

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By accident or design, Nicholas's sexual fantasies leak into his designs - here is le Viste's wild daughter, Claude, and here Aliénor, the sweet blind daughter of the Brussels weaver; there is the weaver's ambitious wife, Christine, and there - most cheekily - the saintly Geneviève herself.

But it is not just Nicholas's reckless dreams that stitch themselves among the warp and weft. Cartoonists, weavers, dyers, financiers, even those who trim the hem, all add a dash of their own desires to the mix. Thus when the set of tapestries is unrolled there shimmers beneath its brilliant surface another shadowy net of threads, weaving together the loves and longings of all involved.


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