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A hitman who only kills other hitmen winds up a target himself.

- Winner of the Anthony Award for Best Novel

- Nominated for the Lefty Award for Best World Mystery Novel

- Nominated for the Best Thriller Barry Award

- Nominated for the Macavity Award for Best First Mystery 

 Michael Hendricks kills people for money. That aside, he's not so bad a guy. Once a covert operative for a false-flag unit of the US military, Hendricks was presumed dead after a mission in Afghanistan went sideways.He left behind his old life- and beloved fiancée--and set out on a path of redemption...or perhaps one of willful self-destruction.   Now Hendricks makes his living as a hitman entrepreneur of sorts--he only hits other hitmen. For ten times the price on your head, he'll make sure whoever's coming to kill you winds up in the ground instead. Not a bad way for a guy with his skill-set to make a living--

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Chris Holm
Nhà xuất bản Mulholland Books
Năm phát hành 08-2016
ISBN 9780316259521
Trọng lượng (gr) 272
Kích thước 2.0 x 20.0 x 13.0
Số trang 306
Giá bìa 368,000 đ