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The book helps me understand that each of us living in the young days, the price can be innocent forever without losing. There are evenings when I get some old text messages from my friends who played with me decades ago. They told me about their current life. Have fun and tears. Deep in the narrative, I found them believing that I was happy when they succeeded and sad when they encountered much bitterness. Love when the heart and the heart are untouched. And the love of today is not so. Somewhere in the middle of the relationship, we realize something contrary. We are dissatisfied with people holding hands and shoulders at something. We have tried for each other to improve and change. Then one day I was tired and tired and wanted to leave someone. Half a step away, my heart raked up gaps and hope. Yes, the affection that we keep for so many days is very contrary. The inappropriate things, the moments you play with, and the mistakes you make when you think of them are heartaches. I think about the rainy days on the empty streets, thinking about the things we want for each other that has never been done. But being together is happiness. The sadness and sorrow go through together, it is time for what is called gratitude. Love us, pain many times come. I once crouched in the corner of the small room, raising my hand to wipe the tears gently. Whether someone is nearby or not, there is a promise in the future to strive for a goal, every emotion of life needs to be experienced and concluded by yourself. Live right, each stage will become a better self of yourself. For a long time, you should understand that it is also dark, people will change, life is so long, the road is so far, you can only rely on yourself, no one chooses to help you anymore.

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Tác giả Henry Drummond
Năm phát hành 06-2020