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This is no longer just a book but a lover, a friend by my side in every situation. The book conveys through short stories that are very simple, rustic, true but also very absorbent and profound. It is not as dry as the theories that require you to do, but on the contrary, in the true language. The book is like an invisible hand, a source of impetus in me, impels me to live my life with the youth of my youth, always to desire, pursue, nurture and realize my dreams. The book teaches me how to forgive, tolerate, show me the miracles of love in life when I feel stuck, add love, and see the multicolor of life, each color. of the very normal everyday life around me. The book has led my mind to many places, meeting many people with many different situations, from space to space, from time to time that I have never experienced before. I meet people who succeed and fail so that I understand the value of challenges, wills, will rise up in every situation, accept my mistakes, and change my perspective. life in a more positive and meaningful way to myself and those beside me. Much love is to live a lot and love forever and forever. When photos of apricot blossom and peach blossom bloom from each countryside. When television, social networking began to count on New Year's Day. When the number of people walking on the street was, as usual, everyone was in a hurry. Just that is enough to make the left chest of children far from sobbing home! The book crept into my mind as well as my soul, urging me to realize these things, weaving my soul, motivating me to improve and develop myself. This book has lived with me for many years, ever since I first read it a few years ago. 

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Tác giả Henry Drummond
Năm phát hành 06-2020