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Discover More: Elements addresses all of those tough, important, yet exciting questions that kids love to ask. What are we made of? What keeps us and our universe in motion? Much more than just a walk through the periodic table, this book explains the tremendous forces of star birth and death that create elements. It chronicles the history of their discovery and the impact of their science on every aspect of our daily lives. Packed with beautiful photographs and modern graphics make apparently ordinary substances look as extraordinary as they actually are.

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Dan Green,Sue Malyan
Nhà xuất bản Scholastic
Năm phát hành 03-2012
ISBN 9781407131559
Trọng lượng (gr) 720
Kích thước 1.0 x 28.0 x 23.0
Số trang 112
Giá bìa 256,000 đ