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Will autistic kids hate themselves but not life, the world as people often think? This book will help us answer that. Children with autism often have no hope for themselves but always hope for everyone around them. Children with autism are not at all wrong, but growing up is the real fault that life targets these little lives. The book does not promote suicide, self - harm or drug use. The more I read, the more I saw a lonely sky in the lives of autistic children. Perhaps adults and professionals need to help autistic children know how to use their powers to smash all social prejudices who think depression is useless and cowardly. Perhaps we need to help those suffering from depression who have tried hard throughout their lives. Perhaps it is from the lack of attention from parents and relatives of autistic children, sometimes parents for the sake of neglect or simply focusing on the achievement of the child without understanding the emotions. of them. One is the best, the second is to skip school is always the most haunting words that parents say to their children who are mentally weak and lead them to autism. Then a cute, hyperactive child going anywhere is not afraid to go home for fear of criticism from their parents. And obviously the situation today is not lacking when there are even parents who do not even know what grade their child is in. Then, some children before they become autistic will decide to drop out of school or worse, get caught in social evils such as starting to play drugs, ecstasy, playing everything that helps these vulnerable children to escape. from reality. Depression doesn't just stop at self-loathing; it's also hurting yourself to feel better, such as cutting your hands, binge eat, OCD. It torments autistic children every minute.

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Tác giả Robert W. Sears
Năm phát hành 04-2020