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Society and the Language Classroom provides a new perspective on classroom research. Through a series of case studies, it examines the ways that learners and teachers behave in English language classrooms in different parts of the world, including Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, China and Pakistan, and at primary, secondary and tertiary level. Thought-provoking issues emerging from the case studies include the possibility that: - learners' expectations of what behaviour is appropriate in the classroom may thwart teachers' attempts to bring about change; - innovation may have unpredictable consequences unless careful study of classroom behaviour has been carried out. This approach to the interpretation of classroom behaviour has important implications, particularly for teachers, teacher educators and curriculum planners.

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Tác giả Hywel Coleman
Nhà xuất bản Cambridge
ISBN 9780521499491
Trọng lượng (gr) 390
Kích thước 22.86x15.494
Số trang 252
Giá bìa 1,050,000 đ