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Gray is a brave, kind boy, and with love for the sea, he has left the castle to do what he wants. He accepted with the starting point as sailors on a large boat. Then, over time, he got his own ship and became the captain. Then, they met. Then, beautiful love like fairy takes off wings. Assol - a beautiful but unhappy girl - meets a folk poetry collector - old man Egon. And it was he who told her, later on, that a prince would come and pick her up on a boat with crimson sails. Assol always hoped, always waiting, although all around, everyone was mocking, laughing at her. The message that the author sent through "Scarlet sails" is that if we are optimistic, belief, persevere, our dreams will come true no matter what other people, that dream is fictional, unreal and go on. This is clearly the classic work of Russian writer Alexander Grin when there are so many humanistic messages conveyed. In this life, it may have been a long time ago since we've been swept away by the mess of life and no longer noticed the good little things. It seems that a long time ago we no longer believed in miracles, no longer dreamed of our own burning desires. The book sank into my heart a sweet aftertaste, bringing us back to the first, clear, pristine vibrations of early childhood morning dew. Going back to the time when someone's smile, a little squeezing hand also makes us feel the world is glowing, feeling full and happy. Delicate language, gentle content, poetic, this book is a love song sparkling in the sun, a love song of the beautiful blue sea. This is an outstanding work about human love, friendship and love of life. If we give a little relaxation to the soul, we will realize many good things.

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Tác giả Alexander Grin
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