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""Prepare to meet the world's most dangerous man . . . "" Nicholai Hel-genius, mystic, and the perfect, formidable assassin-was first introduced to readers in ""Shibumi,"" the classic #1 bestseller by master storyteller Trevanian. Now critically acclaimed author Don Winslow continues Hel's story for the first time in this all-new, blockbuster thriller. SATORI It is the fall of 1951, and the Korean War is raging. Twenty-six-year-old Nicholai Hel has spent the last three years in solitary confinement at the hands of the Americans. Hel is a master of ""hoda korosu,"" or ""naked kill,"" is fluent in seven languages, and has honed extraordinary ""proximity sense""-an extra-awareness of the presence of danger. He has the skills to be the world's most fearsome assassin and now the CIA needs him. The Americans offer Hel freedom, money, and a neutral passport in exchange for one small service: to go to Beijing and kill the Soviet Union's commissioner to China. It's almost certainly a suicide mission, but Hel accepts. Now he must survive chaos, violence, suspicion, and betrayal while trying to achieve his ultimate goal of ""satori""-the possibility of true understanding and harmony with the world.

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Don Winslow
Nhà xuất bản Hachette USA
ISBN 9780446561921
Trọng lượng (gr) 703
Kích thước 23.1x15
Số trang 512
Giá bìa 399,000 đ