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The next book in Precious Stone Triology continues to follow the journey of Gwen and her traveling companion, the handsome Gideon. They are in the midst of trying to gather blood samples from all twelve of the time travelers to insert into the chronograph and complete the Circle of Twelve. After meeting Lucy and Paul - 2 traitors who steal the chronograph for their own gain,  and has some clues from them, Gwen decides to find out the secrets.

Of couse, she is not alone. George warns her not to believe Gideon, so she has to seek for help from others. Luckily, she has Lesley - who follows every lead diligently on the Internet,James - a ghost who teaches her how to fit in at an 18th century party and then there is Xemerius the gargoyle demon, who has been following her since she kissed Gideon and gives her advice on everything. All of them are entertaining, especially Xemerious, he just like a combination of Dobby and Peeve in Harry Potter =))

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Like every couple in the world, Gwendolyn and Gideon has some misunderstandings. Gideon shifts moods swiftly and changes his attitude all time: he is passionate but sometimes seems so distant. They truggles to neglect and give up feelings for the other, but they don't succeed. (you know it).

Although some people complain that it has a slow place, I think this book is at a faster pace than the first one. Although Gwen is not well-trained like her cousin, she is not cut out to be a time-traveller, but she handles things in her own ways. She is brave, strong, funny, and intelligent. Even though sometimes Gideon infuriates her, she still keeps her head held high. I'm glad that she finally knows how to dance , although this scene in the film adaptation is more engrossing and romantic. The conflicts and relationships are refreshing and fairly juvenile, which makes me laugh all the time. I am not sure this series has an appeal to adults, but who cares? This book is an enjoyable read.

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