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Exile laid bare the lives of listless teenage expats in Tanzania; Revolution shifts the focus to the African and Indian Tanzanians they live among...Moses, a worker in a lethal Tanzanite mine, who risks it all every day in the hope of striking it rich; Rachel, who leaves the countryside to make a living, but finds herself in a city where everyone sees her as a whore in waiting; Shakila, who manages to escape to the States, but not from racial prejudice. This is their reality - drowning in corruption, the need to graft and scrap, selling their morals and their bodies as needs be. The Africa Trilogy is at once epic and minutely human, because Ejersbo never fails to show compassion for his characters: however corrupted or morally blemished they may become, they are worth a better life.

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Tác giả Jakob Ejersbo, Mette Petersen
Nhà xuất bản Grantham Book Services & The Book Service Ltd
ISBN 9780857051097
Trọng lượng (gr) 370
Kích thước 13x20
Số trang 336
Giá bìa 178,000 đ