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Full coverage of statistical techniques for developing and implementing precedence-type tests Precedence-Type Tests and Applications provides a comprehensive overview of theoretical and applied approaches to a variety of problems in which precedence-type test procedures can be used. The authors clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of these tests in life-testing situations designed for making quick and reliable decisions in the early stages of an experiment. Most of the text's examples use life-time data; however, theoretical properties are also discussed in the context of precedence testing. Monte Carlo studies are used to illustrate important results. Following the authors' careful step-by-step instructions and guidance, readers master the wide range of statistical techniques involved in the development and implementation of precedence-type tests. The book covers the foundations of precedence testing research from the early 1960s up to the most recent theory and applications, including the authors' current contributions to the field. The book features the following parts: * Part A deals with the original precedence test and some properties of precedence and related test procedures * Part B explores alternatives to precedence testing, including maximal precedence, weighted forms of precedence and maximal precedence, and Wilcoxon-type rank-sum precedence tests and their properties * Part C compares the extension of precedence, maximal precedence, and Wilcoxon-type rank-sum precedence tests to situations in which the sample arising from the life-testing experiment is progressively Type-II censored * Part D examines precedence-type tests in multi-sample situations and selection problems Tables are presented throughout the book to facilitate the application of the tests to practical problems. Helpful examples illustrate all of the precedence-type procedures, and an extensive bibliography enables readers to explore specialized topics in greater depth. This book is a recommended reference for researchers and practitioners in reliability and life-time data analysis, applied probabilists, and engineers. It also serves as a supplemental text for courses in nonparametric statistics and reliability.

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Tác giả David A Aaker
Nhà xuất bản John Wiley
ISBN 9780471457206
Trọng lượng (gr) 600
Kích thước 23.6x16.2
Số trang 324
Giá bìa 1,747,000 đ