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The Class Audio CDs contain all the recorded material from the Student Book: the Dialogues, the Pronunciation, Useful expressions, the Vocabulary sections, the Listening exercises, the models for the Communication activities, the Readings, and the Putting it together photostories. This four-level series for teenagers includes attractive magazine --like pages, engaging storylines; real-life teen characters motivate students and make learning fun. A new student CD-ROM makes this course even more engaging!

 * flexibility with photocopiables and the Test Master CD-ROMs * wealth of assessment support with the skills-based revision section in the Students' Book and materials in the Evaluation and Testing Book

th materials in the Teacher's Book and Teacher's Exam Box* Interactive exam practice in theActive Book and at*Activate! B1+ is ideal for students who are working towards B1+ level and preparing for B1+ level exams such as FCE

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Abbs Barker
Nhà xuất bản Pearson
ISBN 9780132305501
Trọng lượng (gr) 106
Kích thước 14.1x12.5
Giá bìa 189,000 đ